Homemade Felty Christmas Tree

Homemade felty Christmas Tree

What do you do when you want a Christmas Tree that will fit in a small apartment and you can’t find one you like in the shops? You make one, of course.

Homemade felty Christmas Tree - The Process

We started with a trip to Lincraft to purchase a polystyrene core, several sheets of felt in slightly different shades of green, flat sequins in three different colours (dark pink, light pink and silver), and a lot of pearl-headed pins.

We decided to go with stars rather than leaf shapes for something a bit different. So we made cardboard templates of stars in three different sizes and then started tracing and cutting.

The next step was to wrap a piece of red ribbon that we already had around the base of the core and pin it in place. Then we pinned the stars and sequins to the core, starting with the big stars and dark pink sequins, and working our way up to the small stars with silver sequins. I can be a bit of a danger to myself with small sharp pointy things, so Geoff did all of the pinning.

To top it all off I made a pink star with felt that I already had. Geoff pinned it in place and our homemade felty Christmas Tree was complete.

I’m having fun with felty decorations this Christmas, so I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of them in coming days.

And in case you’re wondering, yes it is snowing on my website. Just because I live in tropical Queensland doesn’t mean I don’t dream of white Christmases.