A New Approach

The start of a new year is a great time to review what’s gone before, to make changes and to plot a course for the year ahead. This year, as part of that process my website got a shiny makeover, which included a new look for this blog. The new look has prompted me to review the content as well and consider what I’d like to do with it over the next year.

I started this blog in October 2011 as part of the challenge I set myself to take and post a photo each day of the little things that caught my eye. After 7 months of daily posting, I wound it back to a few posts a week on no particular schedule. That process resulted in 273 random snippets from my daily life.

This year I plan to shift the focus to my work and personal photography projects. As the blog is nested within my business site I’m going to align them more closely. So I’ll be posting photos from shoots I’m doing and telling you a little about the pictures, the projects they form part of, or the behind the scenes fun. I’ll also be posting links to things related to the business – wedding tips, the work of photographers and artists that inspire me, and whatever else seems relevant. I’ll generally be posting twice a week, once with photos and once with links.

I’ll obviously continue to take random pictures of my life, which you’ll be able to find on Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest.