Quick Picks – Week 11, 2013


Here’s this week’s quick pick of internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes…


This week’s links are about making your wedding a little bit greener.

LoveLuxe have six top tips to personalise your eco-friendly wedding. There are some great ideas here. You’ll just need to remember to substitute the word “Australian” for “British” as you read!

Why not consider buying pre-loved accessories for your Wedding Day? Ruffled has a section called Recycle Your Wedding where you can buy and sell items that have been previously used by brides, event stylists, or photographers. You can even advertise for things you want. Just click on “Search” and add your country or city to find what’s on offer near you.

Why not give your bridesmaids something old as a memento of your day, in the form of jewellery made from vintage silverware? The creative bunch at California Spoon Rings do a beautiful job, and they even have bridesmaids’ packages.


This week’s links focus on art that captures our cities.

Dutch photographer Joel Tjintjelaar produces beautiful, sleek black and white images of buildings and structures, often from unexpected angles.
   Via [My Modern Metropolis].

I love Hong Kong-based photographer Michael Wolf’s architecture of density series.
   Via [Faith is Torment].

US artist Jeremy Mann captures dramatic, monochromatic portraits of city streets in oils.
   Via [Illusion].

Random Asides

The news that Google Reader won’t exist after 1 July 2013 prompted me to look for alternative RSS readers. I’m actually glad they announced it because it led me to the beautiful thing that is Feedly. I’m not the only one who has just discovered them, so be aware that the site may be a little slow…

It’s Bike Week in Queensland next week. There’s a whole program of events including one involving Papergirl Brisbane, a community project which collects and exhibits art and writing and then rolls it up, and distributes it by bicycle to the random passers-by in Brisbane’s CBD. They’ll be out and about from 12pm on Sunday 16 March.

I tend to avoid caffeinated drinks, and can occasionally be heard complaining quietly about the lack of decent options for decaf tea in Australia. So I was very excited when Geoff arranged a special delivery for me from Twinings UK.

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav