Quick Picks – Week 12, 2013


Here’s this week’s quick pick of internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes…


Polka Dot Bride have a very useful guide to choosing your wedding date.

Would you consider printing your invitations on tea towels? I think it’s a great idea!
   Via [Hello May].

The Knot has taken a look at some wedding traditions that don’t seem too relevant today and come up with the new wedding rules. The key message is one I wholeheartedly support – you should do what feels right to you and your partner, regardless of the rules!


The hot wax paintings of Matt Duffin have me entranced.
   Via [faith is torment].

I’m always attracted to surrealist art, and the work of German artist Moke is no exception. Navigating her website is a surrealist adventure in itself.
   Via [My Modern Metropolis].

 Graphic Designer Lavanya Naidoo has an impressive repertoire that spans furniture design, handbag design and manufacture, print ads and illustration. But it’s her quilling work that I find most captivating.
   Via [Wanken].

Random Asides

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests are part art, part engineering marvel, and part evolution in action. Whatever they are, I think they’re wonderful. A warning for those of you at work – this is a link to YouTube video which starts playing when the site opens.

One of our aims this year is to limit the contents of our boutique (i.e. very small) apartment to things we need and things we love. I think the beautiful creations of Raw Ceramics could very easily slot into both categories.

You can’t go wrong with photos of cute baby animals and this polar bear cub is as cute as they come. Can I have one? Please?

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav