Quick Picks – Week 22, 2013

Quick Picks

Here’s this week’s quick pick of internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes…


A beaded sash is a nice way to add some sparkle to your wedding day. Polka Dot Bride has a selection they’ve found on Etsy.

Two weeks ago we linked to an article on dealing with the death of a close relative in the lead up to your wedding day. This week Offbeat Bride follows up on that article, with a post on ways to include a memorial to your loved ones in your wedding day.

Queensland Brides has suggestions for an orange and grey colour palette for your wedding. We always like grey in a wedding, it’s a soft and classic colour for groomsmen, and orange works so well with it.

Art & Design

Artist Patrick Kramer produces beautifully realistic images in his oil paintings.
   Via [Don’t Hate, Curate].

Graphic Designer Karina Nurdinova turned a quote by Banksy into poster art.
   Via [CJWHO].

Want a night of art, fashion, music, film, photography and performing art? Then head over to Expressions at Arena on Brunswick Street tonight. Tickets are $15.
   Via [BrisStyle].

Random Asides

If you’re struggling to choose a typeface for your website or wedding invitations, Jessica Hische’s guide to type provides advice on the things you should consider. It’s one of the most comprehensive posts I’ve read on the subject.
   Via [Booooooom].

This video of people attempting to win a free Samsung phone by staring at a screen in Zurich station for 60 minutes is strangely entertaining. Note: This link opens a video which autoplays.

I like MonkeyLectric’s Monkey Light Pro, currently a kick-starter project, which allows you to upload your own pictures to bike lights spinning away on your wheels.
   Via [My Modern Met].

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav

P.S. We don’t receive payment or gifts to list specific products or services in our Quick Picks, we link to stuff because we like it.