Quick Picks – Week 30, 2013

Quick Picks

Well hello there! How are you on this fine Friday? Are you ready for this week’s quick pick of internet finds? As usual, good things come in threes…


I love shiny, sparkly things, so it’s no surprise whatsoever that I am completely smitten by Sydney-based milliner Viktoria Novak’s entire collection. You could totally wear these every day, right?
   Via [Hello May].

Wondering what’s hot in bridal bouquets? The Knot Australia has you covered with their guide to six new wedding flower trends.

Green Wedding Shoes has a nice option if you’re not sure about having bouquets for your bridesmaids, with a tutorial on how to make your own flower bracelets. They’re a sweet and simple idea that let your best girls keep their hands free for assisting you.

Art & Design

From 8-25 August 2013 thousands of billboards across the UK will be filled with prints of British artworks rather than advertising under the Art Everywhere program. At the moment they’re raising funds to try to stretch the project as far as possible, and letting you vote on the final works that will go on display. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the idea of this project.

Fabien Baron produced this beautiful film for Calvin Klein’s Spring 2013 campaign. It was released in February, so I’m a little late on this one, but it’s still worth a look. It starts Alexander Skarsgård and Suvi Koponen, and is called Provocations. Note: This link will take you to a YouTube video that autoplays.

Food photographer Sonya Yu has a wonderful personal photography project on the go. It involves dressing up her french bulldog Trotter and photographing her. Can I have one?
   Via [My Modern Met].

Random Asides

We lived in Bristol for two and a half years, and it still has a very special place in my heart. This love letter to Bristol had me smiling and dreamily reminiscing about our time there.
   P.S. The blog I’m linking to has only been up and running since late May, but I’m already a fan, and hoping it will be around for a while.

Apparently, if you’re struggling to get to sleep, research suggests that making sure you get more sunlight could be the answer.
   Via [Apartment Therapy].

Everyone has lists of restaurants for dates, and restaurants for a night out with friends. But the Urban List is one of the few with a list of restaurants to break up in.

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav

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