Quick Picks – Week 33, 2013

Quick Picks

Internet access at our place has been a little sporadic for the last few days, but we’ve battled through to bring you this week’s pick of internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes…


I’ve mentioned the work of Bespoke Letterpress in Quick Picks before, but they’ve just updated their website to show off more of their beautiful wedding stationery suites. They’re so lovely, that I thought it was worth a second mention.

So much effort can go into choosing your wedding dress, that deciding what to do with it afterwards can seem quite overwhelming. Offbeat Bride features one bride’s take on deciding what to do with her dress after her wedding day.

I’ve just come across the beautiful bridal headpieces made by Jannie Baltzer. She’s based in Copenhagen, but don’t worry if you fall in love with one of her pieces she ships worldwide.
Via [Green Wedding Shoes].

Art & Design

As a resident of an interesting old building, I can identify with coming up with ways to celebrate a building’s quirkiness, but I haven’t yet taken it as far as Dresden residents Christoph Roßner, Annette Paul and Andre Tempel who turned the downpipes of their building into musical instruments. It’s beautiful and brilliant.

UK artist Giles Oldershaw creates portraits using cardboard relief, tearing away layers to create shadows and texture.
Via [My Modern Met].

I love coming across work by other photographers that puts a new spin on old techniques. The time is a dimension series by Singaporean photographer Fong Qi Wei creates composite images in which each panel shows a different slice of time, covering sequences of 2-4 hours.
Via [CJWHO].

Random Asides

Japan never ceases to provide stories that amuse and bemuse. This week brought us the tale of a train company that appointed a cat as a station master and went on to raise over $10 million and help save a train line by doing so. Obviously, this station will be added to our list of places in Japan to see.

Like a lot of people I’m not averse to collecting interesting and inspirational quotes (thank you Pinterest). Sometimes it can be hard to find the source or to be sure that the version you’ve found is right. Kate Bailey helps with a list of famous quotes that you probably have wrong.

I’ve been talking to a few friends who’ve just returned from long overseas holidays about reducing post-holiday angst by exploring your own city as a tourist. It’s so easy to take the amazing places we live for granted, or to focus in on our own tiny pockets without realising what else goes on in our home towns. So here’s a link for those of you who are Brisbane-based to inspire you to get out and explore the wonder that is Brisbane.

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav

P.S. We don’t receive payment or gifts to list products or services in our Quick Picks, we link to stuff because we like it.