Quick Picks 38, 2013 – featuring wedding day emergency kits, super trees and taxidermy.

Quick Picks

This week has involved settling back into life in Brisbane after quite a hectic week away. So as we head towards what will hopefully be a relaxing weekend, here’s this week’s quick pick of internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes…


The Miegunyah House Museum in Bowen Hills has an exhibition of vintage wedding fashion on until 6 October 2013. It’s open every Wednesday (10.30am – 3.00pm), Saturday and Sunday (10.30am – 4.00pm). Entry is $6.

If you’re thinking of a city wedding in Brisbane, Queensland Brides has a list of venues to get your search started.

It’s a good idea to put together an emergency kit to have with you on your wedding day. You’ll be surprised how many items in it you’ll end up using!

Art & Design

This week’s art & design links are all about BIG sculpture.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen that last week we visited the Supertree Grove in Singapore. By day it’s quite interesting, but by night it lights up to become one of the most amazing pieces of design I’ve seen. There are two light shows, one at 7:45pm and the second at 8:45pm.

I’ve loved looking out for the giant pink bunnies from the Stormie Mills project that have been appearing around Brisbane as part of the Brisbane Festival. I hope they get to stay after the festival.
   Via [The Weekend Edition].

This beautiful 17 metre sculpture of a woman, called Truth in Beauty, is the second piece in artist Marco Cochrane’s Bliss Project. Both pieces have made their debut at The Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Random Asides

I’m always excited to discover new independent designers and retailers, especially Australian ones. Happily, The Third Row now makes the discovery process easier with an approach I haven’t seen before. They link posts from their partner blogs and magazines to the products they refer to, but rather than selling the products, the buying process takes you to the designers’ own websites.
   Via [The Spring Blog].

Taxidermy can be an odd thing, no more so than when it’s a series of whimsical Victorian tableaux of creatures. Warning: some people may find the content in the slideshow distressing, especially slides 13 and 14 which feature conjoined twin kittens.

A friend who appreciates our interest in all things foxy has drawn our attention to a key question – what does the fox say? I have two warnings for this one. (1) It will take you to a YouTube video that will play automatically. (2) You may find that it sticks in your head somewhat. You have been warned.

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav

P.S. We don’t receive payment or gifts to list products or services in our Quick Picks, we link to stuff because we like it.