Quick Picks Week 47, 2013 – featuring links about our wedding, my favourite art galleries, and birthday presents to make me smile.

Quick Picks

I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s my birthday today! I’m happily old enough to have learnt to type on a typewriter rather than a computer, and to have been around when Polaroid cameras were new rather than retro. While Quick Picks always provides insights into my personality and my taste, I thought I’d be a little more specifically personal with my links today. As usual, good things come in threes (which also happens to be my favourite number)…


Given the personal focus of this week’s Quick Picks, I thought I’d start with links associated with our wedding.

We had a Millennium Wedding, just like Barbie. The year 2000 was a popular year for weddings in the UK, and it has certainly made it easy to remember which anniversary we’re up to!

We were living in Bath, England, at the time, and were married in the lovely St Swithins Church. As someone from the “New World” it still blows my mind that there have been churches on that site since 971AD.

My favourite flowers are roses – scented ones! – so there was no question as to what our wedding flowers would be. My bridesmaid and I had bouquets of pink and white roses, and our centrepieces were potted miniature rose plants that our guests took home and planted. We had one as well, until the customs regulations of a move back to Australia forced us to give it up. It’s probably quite revealing that I can’t remember where my dress or shoes were from, but I know that Crescent Flowers, our local florist, supplied the flowers.

Art & Design

Art and design are obviously a huge part of my work, and my personal interests. I feature my favourite artists and works every week, so this week I thought I’d give you three of my favourite art galleries.

I love sculpture and the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan is one of the best sculpture galleries I’ve seen. It features over 100 works dotted around 70,000 square metres of beautifully landscaped park in the hills of Hakone.

The Art Gallery of NSW is my favourite major Australian gallery. We visit every year, usually when the Archibald Prize exhibition is on.

The Bendigo Art Gallery is my favourite regional Australian gallery. It’s split over two sites on View Street (the main gallery) and Pall Mall (the Post Office Gallery). We’ve seen some great exhibitions here during our road-tripping adventures.

Random Asides

Trying to decide on just three random things to share was a challenge. So I did what any sensible person would do and asked a close friend what she would want to see. That proved to be entertaining, but ultimately unhelpful, which probably shouldn’t surprise me – thanks Tess, you are amazing. So instead, here are three things I would have been thrilled to unwrap today.

A set of essential oils from Perfect Potion.

A pretty ceramic dish from Raw Ceramics.

A whimsical cushion cover from Six Things.

That’s it for another week’s quick picks. Have a great weekend!

~ Pav

P.S. We don’t receive payment or gifts to list products or services in our Quick Picks, we link to stuff because we like it.