Quick Picks – featuring British accents, long exposures, and voyeuristic portraiture

Quick Picks

Winter has hit Brisbane full force this week with bitingly cold winds complemented by some lovely drizzly rain. So it’s been perfect weather to snuggle on the sofa and lose myself on the web. There’s no link between this week’s quick pick of internet finds, other than that they all captured my imagination. As usual, good things come in threes…

Dialect coach Andrew Jack has done a brilliant audio tour of the accents of the British Isles. And some dedicated soul has paired it with google earth in this video, which shows the locations where you’ll find the various accents.
   Via [Lost a E Minor]

What happens when you deck out a tram in 30,000 LED lights as part of your Christmas decorations? You become a long exposure photographer’s dream.

Photographer Florian Beaudenon’s Instant-Life series is a really clever take on portraiture. Shot from above you can see what the subjects are doing, but you can’t see their faces. It’s a beautiful series that made me feel like the ultimate voyeur, hovering unseen above these people as they go about their lives.
   Via [Ignant]

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