Quick Picks – featuring old dictionaries, lost photographs and images of fireflies

Quick Picks

This week’s quick pick of internet finds features things that not only drew my attention, but also captured my imagination. As usual, good things come in threes…

This article by James Somers on old vs new dictionaries is just magic. I was inspired to install the 1913 Webster’s Dictionary on my phone and am already delighting in the beautiful definitions.
   Via [Gala Darling]

The story of The Paris Shop of a Million Lost Photographs is great. I love the idea of sorting through piles of old photographs and imagining the stories that go with them. You can also visit the Paris Snap Shop blog to see more of the photographs, but you may need to brush up on your French.
   Via [Nubby Twiglet]

I love the photographs of fireflies taken by Japanese photographer Yume Cyan. In her bio she says, “I want to take pictures with my own perspective”, and she certainly does that.
   Via [Illusion]

P.S. We don’t receive payment or gifts to list things in Quick Picks, we link to stuff because we like it.