Endo Life

I have endometriosis. It is a chronic condition, which means I will always have endometriosis. I will not “get better”. I have good days. I have bad days. I also have very, very bad days and very, very good days. These images tell part of my story.

Yellow is the colour of endometriosis campaigns around the world. At least one of these small yellow beads features in every image of the Endo Life project.

An estimated one in ten women have endometriosis.

I spend so much time feeling bad about feeling bad – experiencing guilt for being unwell and for not getting “better”. I only ever share part of my story of what is going on with others.

Sometimes I feel like my body is being torn apart from the inside. Sometimes I feel like my mind is on the point of shattering.

Reminder to self, life without the ups and downs in not living. The trick is to enjoy the good times and to have the courage to get through the bad ones.

Off-balance (adjective or adverb). 1. Not well proportioned. 2. Not standing, sitting, or resting in normal physical equilibrium. 3a. Upset from or in a state of being upset by confusion: Upsetting. 3b. Into a state of surprise from the unexpected.

Sometimes endo is a small part of my life. Sometimes it is all I can see.

Living with endometriosis is about more that feeling a pain in my pelvic area.