Quick Picks – Melbourne delights in this first week of winter

Quick Picks

I’m trying something new with Quick Picks today, with the first of what will hopefully be a regular series of posts by guest contributors. The author of today’s post is Tess, a friend, co-conspirator, and resident of Melbourne, Australia. According to Tourism Victoria, Melbourne is a city of endless possibilities, so what better location from which to source some internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes…
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A Lost World

One Sunday morning earlier this year we decided that a road trip was in order. So we pulled out our map and started planning. As soon as I saw the words “Lost World” I knew it was where we would end up. It’s a valley situated behind the Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland. I’ve been to surrounding areas numerous times, but somehow this little gem had previously escaped me.

It was a gorgeous day, so we put the top down and set off armed with our cameras. It’s such a beautiful place, that by the end of the day I was seriously trying to rationalise the substantial daily commute that would be involved if we moved here. Maybe one day…