A Lost World

One Sunday morning earlier this year we decided that a road trip was in order. So we pulled out our map and started planning. As soon as I saw the words “Lost World” I knew it was where we would end up. It’s a valley situated behind the Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland. I’ve been to surrounding areas numerous times, but somehow this little gem had previously escaped me.

It was a gorgeous day, so we put the top down and set off armed with our cameras. It’s such a beautiful place, that by the end of the day I was seriously trying to rationalise the substantial daily commute that would be involved if we moved here. Maybe one day…

Merry Christmas Everyone


Today’s picture post has a festive theme! Throughout the latter half of December Brisbane’s City Hall is hosting a spectacular projected light show based on The Nutracker. It’s really worth seeing with your own eyes, but for now I’ll leave you with this highlight!

We’ll be taking a break over Christmas, so I’ll return on January 7th with more Tech Hunter. Thanks for keeping up with us over this year, and happy holidays everyone!

~ Geoff

Brisbane’s most stoic residents

Brisbane Citycat and Pelican Sculpture

Brisbane Citycat and Pelican Sculpture

Although Brisbane supports many bright, colourful characters, if you look closely there’s always room for quiet ones watching the world pass by without drawing attention to themselves. It’s easy to miss these two, who live near the Maritime Museum come rain or shine, I like to think that the weather doesn’t get them down, despite the potential for rust. Maybe they’re just happy being together

~ Geoff

A Blue Pole

Long exposure photography of a pylon in the Brisbane River.

Long exposure photography of a pylon in the Brisbane River.

It’s no secret that we love taking pictures of people, but we also like to play around and experiment in other areas of photography. So I thought this week I’d give you a peek at one of Geoff’s recent landscape photos. I love seeing the results of his photography expeditions, and I love this one in particular because it’s a new view of a landmark I see regularly as I run along the river. The colour and mood also seemed appropriate on this dreary winter morning in not so sunny Brisbane.

~ Pav

P.S. I should have mentioned that the colours in this picture were produced in camera using physical lens filters and colour gels, rather than preset effects or Photoshop. Just a point of interest. 🙂

What a beautiful day

What a beautiful day

In the words of the Levellers… “What a beautiful day, I’m the king of all time, And nothing is impossible, In my all powerful mind.” How could I not feel inspired waking up to this amazing view?

Go listen to the song, you’ll be humming it for days. 🙂


Our first weekend beach escape for the year

This photo was taken at Nobby Beach. I haven’t been to this part of the coast for years, but it’s the beach that we always came to when I was growing up so it holds a special place in my heart. While I love our place in New Farm, I think I could happily relocate to the coast full time.